Features Overview

Panel Glides

Panel Glides offer a fab­u­lous new win­dow treat­ment alternative that pro­vide the func­tionality and reli­a­bil­ity ele­ments we have come to love of the ver­ti­cal blind, with a con­tem­po­rary designer twist. The use of sleek lines and a min­i­mal­is­tic design create a timeless appearance that will enhance the look of your home or business for years to come.


Designer Shutter's Panel Glides are avail­able in a range of different transparency levels. We offer full block out, sun­screen or light fil­ter­ing fab­rics - all available in our huge selec­tion of colours options. End­less combinations to achieve a per­fect match to the rest of your home or business décor.

Designer Shut­ters rec­om­mend the use of panel glides for both slid­ing doors as well as bi-fold win­dows and doors. You can choose to stack the pan­els together to one side of the open­ing to enjoy your view or slide them across entirely to achieve total pri­vacy. Through the use of a sim­ple track sys­tem, Panel Glides become a light and easy treat­ment for anyone to operate.

The true fash­ion for­ward design approach for any win­dow treatment.