Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters provide an exceptional solution to enhance the protection of your home. We offer several different Roller Shutter products with a style to match the unique requirements of any property. 

Our Roller Shutters allow comprehensive control of your envi­ron­ment and improved security with a strong visual deterrent for potential intruders. We can quickly identify the perfect solution to protect your family.


The benefits of selecting Designer Shutters' Roller Shutters:

  • Security (protect your family and assets)
  • Insulation (reduce heat / cold transfer by up to 90%)
  • Weather Protection (wind; hail; rain; sun; bushfire protection)
  • Improved Privacy (ultimate privacy with complete block-out)
  • Light Control (remove up to 100% of light entering your property)
  • Noise Control (reduce external noise by up to 50%)

Select from an extensive range of Roller Shutters to match your property:

Standard Roller Shutters: An excellent, cost effective solution to managing noise and the elements. 

Sentry Fireshield: Designed to protect your property from the threat of bushfires. Very high levels of heat resistance to prevent glass from exploding.

Stormshield: Cyclone rated to protect your property from strong winds and flying objects during storms. Also recommended for properties requiring high levels of security. 

Our Roller Shutters can be paired with several different motorised solutions to ensure access during any external event:

Rechargeable Battery Motors (12V): Provide power in any event and are recommended for areas prone to bushfire / storm activity.

 Solar Panel Motors: Harness the power of the sun for ease of use and reduced operating costs.

Mains Power Motors (240V) Heavy duty motors designed to lift any size Roller Shutter. We can align up to 35 individual shutters on a single remote.

Call us today for the perfect Roller Shutter solution!